Mystery Shopper


We’re looking for Mystery Shoppers!  If you like to shop and are interested in helping to make the world more fair, honest, and safe for consumers, then this opportunity is for you.

Our Mystery Shoppers are independent contractors who provide a service to IPS on a per Assignment basis.  Each Assignment is a request to purchase an item online, receive & photograph the item, provide a report to IPS, and return the item as instructed. Our Shoppers are at liberty to accept or reject any Assignment when it is offered. Once accepted, the Shopper agrees to abide by a signed Agreement, to follow the instructions in the process guide provided, and to perform their work on each Assignment to the best of their ability with honesty and integrity.

What an Assignment looks like:

  • IPS sends an Assignment via email (you may also opt-in to text notifications to alert you that you have been offered an Assignment).
  • The Assignment includes details about the shop, including a link to the item, product details, price, seller information, and timeline for the buy to be completed.
  • The Shopper documents specific details of the purchase, reports back to IPS, and awaits instructions to return the item for a full refund.
  • Most items will be purchased from Amazon.

Resources needed:

  • Credit card with available limit from approximately $500 to $2500
  • Amazon account
  • Ability to update a PowerPoint document
  • Ability to capture screen shots
  • Ability to photograph the product – a cell phone will suffice
  • Ability to return a product to Amazon – i.e., process return, print shipping label, deliver package to shipping facility, etc.

IPS will pay Shoppers a fixed fee of $75 for each Assignment that is completed in accordance with the Agreement and Assignment instructions. The Shopper will also be reimbursed for approved expenses such as unrefunded shipping, restocking fee, etc.

Assignments are quick and easy! This is a nice opportunity for a side hustle that doesn’t take up your whole day.

The Shopper will be required to provide the Shopper’s Social Security number and/or Tax Identification Number to IP Services, if required for tax purposes.

Download a copy of the Mystery Shopper Agreement