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IPS News | February 20, 2020

IP Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that Josh Bargar obtained a Pennsylvania Private Investigator (PI) license in February 2020.

Josh is a long-time employee of IPS, starting his 11-year tenure on the Internet Safety team, transitioning to Fraud and moving through the ranks from Internet Fraud Agent to Sr. Fraud Agent to Risk Analyst. Then in 2016, Josh transitioned to the Investigations team within the Brand Protection department. He’s been working towards becoming a licensed PA investigator ever since. Along with this exciting development and in great part due to Josh’s hard work and acumen, Josh has been promoted to Brand Protection Investigator III.

In order to become a licensed PI in the state of PA Josh was required to work under the direct supervision of a licensed investigator for a term of no less than three years. Josh also had to submit a petition to the Court of Common Pleas, provide a surety bond, fingerprints, photos, letters of recommendation, employment affidavits, and verified/certified character reference statements from at least 5 qualified individuals. Obtaining a PI license takes time and dedication.

This has been a long time goal for personal development and I am glad to have achieved it.
Josh Bargar

Obtaining a PI license is important because in the state of PA, a license is required to conduct business as a private investigator. The license insures a certain standard of professional competence and knowledge of ethics. In addition, many of our clients require the collection of evidence to be completed by a licensed investigator so that the evidence can stand on its own in court. This is in part because licensed private investigators are held accountable for following the Private Detective Act of 1953. They also possess extensive training, a deep understanding of the laws, and experience within their designated areas of practice.

All Brand Protection Investigators at IPS begin working towards their license when they join the team. However, Josh is only the fourth IPS investigator to achieve this status, so it truly is a tremendous achievement.

Josh has been a real asset to the team from day one. He came with a set of skills and depth of knowledge that have helped the department rethink and reorganize how we traditionally approached brand protection investigations. Josh has a natural inquisitiveness that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to investigating and digging in deep to find the answers. We are very proud of Josh’s accomplishments and look forward to all the value he will add in the future. Congratulations Josh.
Mike Fuller, Investigations Manager

Josh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Temple University, a Masters in Project Management from Penn State University, a Certificate in Video Game Design from Penn State University, and a Certificate in Leading People and Teams from the University of Michigan.

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