Laura Coulter

Laura is the manager of the IP Services’ Forensics team and has been analyzing counterfeit and infringing products since 2015. She enjoys the challenging, analytical nature of the work and likes being on the front lines of identifying the new methods brand pirates are using to create fake goods. Laura takes great satisfaction in knowing that she and her team play a pivotal role in taking down counterfeit rings responsible for cheating consumers and tarnishing trusted brands. Prior to joining IPS, Laura worked in sales and customer service. 

Laura earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on management from Liberty University in 2011; prior to that she obtained her associate’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Information Technology from a local business college in 2009. 

When she’s not analyzing evidence, Laura enjoys reading and playing the piano. She spends lots of time with her daughter going to movies, building with Legos, playing at the beach, and visiting the local bookstore.