There's power in numbers.

Data and analytics are invaluable for any business when it comes to decision making. There's no better way to gain insight into how your business initiatives are doing or if you need some redirection. We'll help you break through the surface to discover the root of the issue you're facing and build solutions for better business moves.

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Big Data Analytics

Harness the power of your data to locate process jams, identify new opportunities, and optimize business operations.

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Business Intelligence

Delve into the current state of your business with data that can drive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance business performance. 

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Business Dashboards

Visualize data in ways that help stakeholders interpret information.

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Machine Learning / AI

Ensure your algorithms are improving their decision-making and predictive accuracy as they process new data with human analyst training.


Achieve a designated outcome or understand the framework of your current process.

Our analysts are naturally more curious than most cats, and who better to dig through your raw data to find the what, where, why, and how to move your business forward. They combine their tech talent with exceptional customer service to provide guidance and support before, during, and after implementing business strategies based on your goals.

Custom Solutions

Solutions are built around your goals.
We'll scope the issues you're facing and provide evidence-based recommendations.

Flexible Terms

We ensure a secure data environment spanning the life of your project.
We'll integrate and use the analytic tool(s) of your choosing.

Scalable Teams

Your team is adjusted based on your needs.
Outsourcing means no additional overhead.

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Transform your data into your best business decisions.

When you interpret claptrap data into something meaningful it can become one of the most powerful and useful business tools available to you. Your ability to see the big picture and drill down to the details allows you to see what's working, what needs improvement, or what can be removed altogether. We'll use your raw data to create and implement custom business intelligence solutions that will:

  • Track key business metrics
  • Explore data from internal and external sources
  • Discover trends, patterns, and relationships
  • Identify outliers and anomalies
  • Evaluate "what if" scenarios
  • Forecast future outcomes based on historical data
  • Measure performance of agents, tests, and initiatives
  • Enhance machine learning
  • Test workflow sequences
  • Present data via sophisticated dashboards with compelling charts/graphs

Analytics require human expertise.

Human intelligence informs the framework that machine learning and application platforms use to extract actionable insights. When starting your analytics journey with us, we hone in on your business objectives and challenges to ensure we build the best possible roadmap to a solution. You'll have complete project visibility and receive regular status updates. Plus, you'll have an open line of communication with your dedicated analyst(s).


Make better business moves with IPS.

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Analytics provide valuable information on customer trends and allow for behavior prediction. Knowing what resonates with your consumer base and which channels to target will drive effective decision-making, improved conversion rates, and increased profitability.

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Analyze and interpret data to locate and close the loopholes criminals are using to scam businesses and customers. Analytics make it possible to examine enormous data sets to uncover hidden fraud patterns, anomalies, and other insights in near real-time.

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Economic uncertainties impact companies of all types. When risk can be managed effectively, businesses can better face internal and external factors that influence whether or not they will meet or exceed their goals and objectives. Analyzing data findings can help businesses create risk management policies that ensure the continued success and growth of a company.

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Businesses that use data and business analytics to drive decision-making are typically more productive. Key decision-makers can use insights to understand the dynamics of their business, anticipate shifts in the marketplace, and manage associated risks for quick resolutions.

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Harness data intelligence for everyday business operations, marketing, and future investment possibilities. By leveraging data insights, businesses can achieve their goals in a smarter, more efficient way.

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Data analytics provide insight to make strategic adjustments by optimizing resources, identifying inefficiencies, and determining where allocation of budget is most needed.

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Use data to operate and strategize more intelligently. Analysts evaluate and define problems that arise with current business processes or new business ventures, providing mitigating frameworks to further enhance business operations.

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Identify trends in the marketplace to improve or create new services and products based on customer interactions and intent. By gauging customer needs and satisfaction through analytics, businesses gain the ability to make informed product decisions and revise product roadmap development.

See where your data can take you.