How to Send Breach Notifications

It has happened. Despite the annual security training. Despite the investment in cyber security. Cybercriminals breached your systems and stole your customers’ information. What do you do now? You’ll have to secure your network and determine which data may have been breached. But after you’ve shored up your systems, there’s…

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Data Breach

Breach Notification Basics

Data breaches are becoming worryingly common. According to the Identify Theft Resource Center, there were 817 data breaches ...
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Concept of business unity and support

Community Engagement in 2022

Community engagement has always been a big part of our culture at IP Services. That’s why we formed ...
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Quality Control

Part Three: How to Establish Quality Control

You’ve set up your Law Enforcement Response Program (using tips from Part 2 of our blog series). You’ve ...
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online user data

Part Two: A Standardized Law Enforcement Response Program

As we discussed in Part One, there are a lot of external pieces to consider when you receive ...
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Part One: Law Enforcement Requests Overview

Does your company handle customer data? If so, there’s a chance you have received a Law Enforcement request ...
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gaming joystick and currency

The Real-World Value of In-Game Currency

When it comes to digital goods, Friendly Fraud isn’t the only concern merchants should have. While industry estimates ...
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gamer desk

Gaming Leaks 101: The How and Why

Yoda once said, “Patience you must have, my young padawan.” It is safe to say that gamers in ...
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data privacy laws gavel on keyboard

Data Privacy Laws and Their Contributions

The acceleration of the digital era has led to many benefits. New and exciting medical treatments are available. ...
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