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Protecting your customers, business, and brand.

We work at the intersection of technology and the law to defend your business and reputation from criminals while safeguarding consumer privacy and trust.

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Our expert staff and fully managed services protect your business and your customers.

From safeguarding brands to mitigating fraud to ensuring that your customers' data is protected, IP Services can support your needs.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand and IP from piracy, counterfeiting, and infringement in both the physical and internet channels.

Fraud Prevention

Outsource fraud operations, from risk strategy and data analytics to manual review and customer support - and everything in between.

Privacy & Compliance

Protect your customers' privacy while ensuring compliance with law enforcement requests for user information.

Program Management

Develop, manage, and showcase your program objectives, strategies, and results.

Our Capabilities

You're in the driver's seat.

We customize solutions for each client. You're not locked into pre-determined tiers of service that may include features you don't need.

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Fraud Prevention Strategy
Whether you're redefining your current program or building one from the ground up, we can show you how to develop a fraud prevention solution that's tailored to your business. Our team of experts provides intelligence on ways to improve detection and deterrence of fraudulent activity including customer sign-up requirements, risk model validation, and workflow evaluation.

Brand Protection Guidance
From identifying supply chain issues to determining unauthorized trademark usage and stopping the sale of infringing products, we’ll partner with you to build a strategy optimized to protect your brand. Ensure your Brand Protection program runs efficiently so you can take the necessary actions to enforce your IPR.

Privacy & Compliance Assessment
Our CIPP-certified team understands the complexities of balancing compliance with legal process against privacy laws and company policies. For companies, we’ll help to build internal processes and workflows that enable you to avoid over-disclosure of sensitive data. For law enforcement, we'll train personnel on how to properly submit valid legal requests for user information.

Program Management
From project planning to tracking results, we help you define and evaluate outcomes to build a program that meets your objectives. We'll determine what information highlights your program’s effectiveness and recommend improvements along the way. We'll also provide input on visual elements and content that will impress your stakeholders.

Technological progress has led to the automation of many once-manual tasks. In our line of work, we appreciate the force multiplier of these advancements, but we've also learned that software should not be a standalone decision-maker. The algorithms that decide if a purchase is fraudulent, or that a product is counterfeit, are only as good as their inputs – human judgment validates the model, catches the outliers, and facilitates rapid adjustments.

No matter which services you choose, you'll gain intelligence that can be translated into actionable information. Regular reporting is provided to you and your stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of the program, enabling you to make adjustments where needed, refine goals, and identify new opportunities.

Collecting intel is an important element of effective research and protection programs. We go where your adversaries are to learn their methods, test their tools, and build profiles of the individuals and groups who are doing you harm. This intelligence can be used to shore up your defenses, or to support cases to deliver legal remedies.

When you're ready to take action to enforce your IP rights, we’re ready to help. We collect evidence to document wrongdoing, issue legal notices to establish willfulness, conduct research to develop target profiles, and compile case packages for civil suits or criminal referrals. We'll also provide expert witness testimony, declarations and depositions for court proceedings, and on-demand assistance for outside counsel.

Avoid hiccups in your business processes by evaluating your current practices for improvement and standardization. We'll help you develop new processes or redefine old ones by targeting the desired outcome, identifying decision points, and mapping dependencies. Every step is tested and documented, driving efficiency and consistency in your operation.

Complex processes require careful monitoring. We develop proactive quality assurance programs to measure process adherence and catch mistakes before they go live. Quality scores give you confidence that the job’s being done right.

You need to know who you’re doing business with. Some people will say anything to get in the door, then look for shortcuts that put your business reputation at risk. We screen potential partners, and then follow up to make sure they’re living up to your high standards.

Advance your cases from discovery to decision. Not only do we offer services to collect intel and obtain evidence for litigation, we've also built proprietary software to facilitate the tracking and managing of your ongoing cases so you're always on track.

IPS has been working closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency for over 20 years. Our support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Training LE to identify and address counterfeiting and trademark infringements
  • Training LE on how to submit requests for user information
  • Providing onsite raid/seizure support
  • Acting as the main contact for Custom recordations to field questions and make
  • determinations on trademark usage
  • Submitting case referrals for LE to proceed with criminal enforcement
  • Coordinating with LE investigations to facilitate purchase of suspect goods

When sourcing work to IPS, you get all of the benefits of a client-dedicated workforce - creativity, transparency, flexibility, positive team culture & collaboration - without the high costs associated with additional salaries or overhead spending.

We take care of hiring and training additional staff for your full-time, half-time, any-time needs covering 365 days / year. And since we're uniquely situated in the center of a city trifecta, professional talent surrounds us. Can you feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders?

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