Outmaneuver digital criminals.

Minimize chargebacks, prevent product loss, and fast-track your good customers with our fraud prevention services. Our analysts easily integrate into your fraud team, extending your reach and expanding your impact. We'll help you determine what kind of fraud threats you're facing and how to mitigate them, then use the knowledge gained to continuously improve your fraud response.

Online Purchases

We'll work with your risk system to stop bad actors at the door and ensure good customers can make purchases in a safe and secure environment. We mitigate account compromise, stop the use of stolen payment instruments, and prevent abuse of in-game / in-app currencies.

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Customer Loyalty & Rewards

We implement checks and balances to prevent, detect, and stop the abuse of customer loyalty programs. We'll keep your loyal customers satisfied by keeping their hard-earned rewards safe.

App Marketplaces

We vet developers as they're on-boarded, then monitor their activity to ensure compliance with your terms of use. We analyze app purchasing anomalies to prevent illegitimate payouts and keep your marketplace safe for customers.

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Human + Machine Integration

Fraud detection systems are only as good as the data you feed them. Machine learning models can consume huge data sets and process complex algorithms to fight fraud, but they're not a 'set it and forget it' solution.

No matter the technology you utilize, our fraud prevention team integrates seamlessly to provide the human intel needed to keep the machines on track. We've had our hands on some of the most popular tools in the industry and have guided the development of in-house systems for Fortune 500 clients.

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Extend your fraud program beyond the transaction.

We'll help you build a robust fraud prevention strategy from end to end. Identify gaps that will be attacked, recover losses due to chargebacks, and bring fraudsters to justice.

Chargeback Representment

Not all chargebacks are fraud. We identify chargebacks to be disputed, help you to recover costs and stay in good standing with the card networks.

Systems Vulnerability Analysis

Let our white-hat fraud experts probe your website through the eyes of the bad guys.  We'll simulate fraud attacks to identify vulnerabilities, proposing changes you can deploy to deter fraudsters without frustrating legitimate customers.

Enforcement Case Support

Fraud follows the path of least resistance and highest return.  Legal enforcement sends the message that targeting your company will be extremely costly.  Our expertise in internet investigations, complex analysis, and legal case support will help you hold fraudsters accountable and serve as a warning to their cohorts.

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It's not just about saving $$$.

Abuse of cloud platforms and managing your brand reputation not only requires protection of your customers from fraud vulnerabilities, but providing specialized support when your customers need it the most.

Cloud Network Services

We monitor behavior to detect threats to your network capacity, such as DDoS (brute force) attacks, bitcoin mining, and other bandwidth-consuming processes. We protect your network from these vulnerabilities so that cloud resources are reserved for your legitimate customers.

Advertising Networks

We protect your brand's reputation by identifying search ad fraud, keyword stuffing, and domain spoofing. We also monitor legitimate customer accounts for unauthorized access, re-secure them, and ensure your customer's good ads continue to serve.

Customer Support

We integrate into your customer service experience to provide specialized support by resolving issues such as account access and inability to complete purchases. We also answer inquiries about balance inconsistencies and unauthorized charges resulting from purchases made on your platform.

Why Professional Services Outsourcing is beneficial for Fraud Prevention.

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If you find yourself with immediate needs but no bandwidth, have a sudden change in workload, or require experts outside of your team's functionality, then you could use support from a company that can provide fraud support plus ad hoc solutions. With IPS, you have the freedom to outsource projects on a short-, medium-, or long-term basis. We will help you handle new projects or old tasks left undone without stressing your internal resources.

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Fraud Investigation

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