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Reach your target audience with content that informs, educates, and engages. We're here to support your content marketing strategy with managed communications and creative narratives. Be seen. Be heard. Be interesting.

Content Development

Keep your audience in the know.

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Content Marketing

Topic Ideation

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Content Formulation

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Blog, White Paper, & Case Study Copywriting

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Social Media following

Attract an Audience

Increase brand awareness
Gain traction on social media

Education and inform online

Educate and Inform

Show thought leadership
Build industry authority

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Increase Engagement

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Make a sale

Generate online traffic

Generate Traffic

Increase number of viewers/readers
Diversify content
Create leads online and in-person

Define your goal.

Your end game will determine the 'how' - how should your content be written, how should it be presented, how should it be delivered, how will it stand out. Tell us your goal and we'll answer the how


Simplicity is key when connecting with your audience.

Depth of content


We're so inundated with information that it becomes almost tedious to read something longer than a few sentences. Just think of how fast you swipe through apps, scroll through websites, or even skim emails. We'll help turn your information into minimalistic, easy to digest content that drives your point. 



Content isn't just about words - the significance behind your words is important, but so is the way they're presented. Typography can help to lead your readers where you want them to go. Catch their attention with headlines, inform them with concise paragraphs, and highlight key points with pull quotes. Use textual composition to make your content visually attractive and pronounced. It's simply effective.

Tailored to your audience.

Knowing your demographic helps to define the best content delivery method and how it'll speak to your target audience. Distributing an internal bulletin vs. posting on social media requires two different approaches to be successful. Our creatives know how to best tailor your information into high-quality content that engages.

Let's start creating.

Your IPS team is here to support your content development strategy by assisting you with planning, creation, and distribution. We'll help bring your ideas to fruition so you can finally clear that backburner.

1. Define Your Goals
Define your goals and make a plan.

We'll align your content with your objectives. We will also identify what topics, data, and questions will be addressed and where your opportunities for outreach are.

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2. Conduct An Audit
Conduct an audit.

Existing content should be audited to determine what can be used, what needs to be updated, and what should be added or removed. This will help align your information with the current landscape of your business.

Audit content
3. Allocate Resources
Allocate resources and develop content.

Our team will assist you in identifying who will be the subject matter experts, authors, or contributors of your content pieces. We'll help you choose a format appropriate for your targeted audience and determine how they will best receive your information - visually, minimalistic, or detailed. We have the right tools and resources in place to take your content from creation to publication.

Developing content
4. Arrange Distribution
Arrange distribution.

Our creators will pinpoint where your audience is most active or the channels that attract the viewers you aim to reach.

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5. Measure Performance
Measure performance.

Measure the performance of your content by establishing trackable or traceable data criteria - awareness would be the number of followers or shares, engagement might be audience participation or sales. By monitoring your content, we can tweak your strategies for more effective communications and higher engagement rates.

Measure performance