Control at your fingertips.

We've all been there - numerous spreadsheets, an overwhelming number of emails, too many possibilities for user error, and solutions that aren’t the solution you really need. Instead of daydreaming about a fix, let's build one. Our app developers will take your many processes and tidy them into an intuitive internal business app.

app development

Our team becomes your team.

From product discovery to launch, IPS provides highly skilled web app developers, designers, and business analysts to create custom solutions tailored to the needs of your business.


Because every client's goals are unique, we always start fresh so you get a custom built solution that's crafted just for you.

A majority of our business application builds live on the Azure platform. Prefer another platform? No problem. We'll identify all of your technology needs during the discovery phase of our development process.

We have experience building:

  • Employee Portals connected to O365 accounts
  • Case Management Programs
  • Invoicing Systems
  • Scheduling Programs
  • Mobile-capable Room Reservations
  • + more
app development

From concept to code.

1. Discovery
Interview with an app developer.

We start by understanding your company, your business model, and what you want to accomplish. This includes conducting interviews and collecting information from your subject matter experts on how we can streamline your procedures.

2. Design
Designing for function and style.

This is where we dig into two design areas: the design of the app's structure and flow, and the graphical design elements. IPS's business analysts will take a look at your processes and define the most efficient paths to accomplish your application's goals. Then, our in-house graphic designers will highlight your brand's image and create elements that visually lead your users through the app's interface.

3. Development
Where the fun really begins.

Our developers take the data from flowcharts, wireframes, and prototypes to bring your app to life. Any subscriptions, databases, tools, or third-party software will be configured and managed by our dev team.

4. Pre- and Post-Launch
Launch in 3... 2... 1!

No app is complete without testing to see if we can break it. Once we're sure your app fits your vision and functions as expected, we proceed to launch. We also offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your app stays running keeps up with changing business processes.

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