Optimize your legal response program.

We understand the challenges that come along with responding to legal requests like subpoenas, court orders, and search warrants. Don't sweat it; we'll do the heavy lifting for you. Tell us about your objectives and we'll customize a solution that meets your needs.

Fulfill Legal Requests

Our law enforcement response specialists review, validate, analyze, and disclose responsive data pursuant to subpoenas, court orders, and/or search warrants, all while staying consistent with your company policies and applicable law.

Legal requests for user information
LE Inquiries

Answer Law Enforcement Inquiries

We maintain positive relations and open communication with law enforcement while assisting with request submissions.

Notify Users

Except where prohibited by law, we notify users whose data is sought by law enforcement while also reviewing and assessing non-disclosure orders.

User notification
Business Process Workflow

Streamline Workflows

Incoming legal requests are assessed and triaged depending on criteria, including the escalation of emergency requests and flagging of invalid legal process to expedite fulfillment.

Preserve Data

Data is reviewed and preserved pursuant to preservation requests from law enforcement. Any extensions requested will be consistent with your company policies and applicable law.

Data preservation law enforcement response

Your users' privacy matters.

The privacy of your customer data is not an afterthought. That's why we have Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) staff supporting your law enforcement response program. We understand how important customer trust is and we're committed to protecting user data throughout your legal response processes.

Send Breach Notifications

How to Send Breach Notifications

It has happened. Despite the annual security training. Despite the investment in cyber security. Cybercriminals breached your systems and stole…

Your legal priorities. Our mission.

When served with valid legal process, companies are compelled by law to turn over user data. You dictate your company's unique legal policies and we'll do the rest. As electronic communication and data privacy laws change (and they will), we'll be there to meet your evolving legal needs. We're flexible like that.

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Working together is simple

Processing legal requests for user information is our forte. Our specialists are trained across multiple job functions, providing you with the support you need no matter what or when.

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Scale when you need to

Why worry about recruiting and training specialists when we've already got that covered. You decide the level of staff required to get the job done and we do the rest.

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Leave the scrutinization to us

Requests for information are sometimes invalid. We make sure requests contain substantive validity before disclosing only what's necessary for fulfillment.

Enjoy all the benefits of working with our team.

Quality Assurance

We implement QA processes to measure accuracy and identify process gaps, program misalignment, and improve tooling capabilities.

Process Improvement

As tools, data retention, and legal policies change, our specialists proactively develop solutions to better streamline or altogether automate manual processes.

Global Integration

Our ability to cross-train on international processes and provide redundancy for global response teams allows us to provide compliance support around the globe.

Stay informed.

Our metric reporting helps to identify trends so you can make informed business decisions you feel good about. Keep employees up-to-date on policy guidelines and adoption of best practices with custom process docs and training guides.

Why Professional Services Outsourcing is beneficial for Law Enforcement Response Programs.

IPS Services Icons

If you find yourself with immediate needs but no bandwidth, have a sudden change in workload, or require experts outside of your team's functionality, then you could use support from a company that can provide Law Enforcement Response services plus ad hoc solutions. With IPS, you have the freedom to outsource projects on a short-, medium-, or long-term basis. We will help you handle new projects or old tasks left undone without stressing your internal resources.

The 'First Responder'

Assesses each request for legal compliance

while keeping an eye on user privacy

Domestic & International

Support for law enforcement requests

including triage, vetting, data preservation, and direct follow-up with agencies