Building Your BEC and TSF Toolkit

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Creating a playbook and devising a toolkit to address Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Tech Support Fraud (TSF) is vital in the increasingly digital-focused landscape of today’s world. So, let’s take a look at the industry standard methods to disrupt and deter these new and growing problems for brands. The first step in building your…

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A Consumer Reporting Program Will Stop Scammers from Skimming off Your Brand Reputation

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Have scammers contacted your customers and used your brand name and positive reputation to trick them into fraudulent schemes? Perhaps offering fake tech support, warranties, or refunds for bogus software? These are all techniques scammers employ to pass as legitimate offers. In reality, they are collecting your customer’s sensitive information. It’s becoming increasingly common to…

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What to Do if You’re a Victim of Tech Support Scammers

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Despite recent scrutiny from U.S. and international law enforcement figures, tech support fraud continues to impact innocent people worldwide. To garner trust from their victims, tech support scammers may claim to work for reputable technology companies such as Microsoft, Norton, or Apple. Those who fall prey to their scheme are told that their computer has…

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Go Undercover with a Test Purchase Program

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As a brand owner, you’re doing everything you can to protect your IP. So why do you still have a counterfeit problem? Maybe its time to consider implementing a test purchase program. You registered and recorded your trademarks with Customs to help stop counterfeits at the border. You’re monitoring online platforms and submitting takedown requests…

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Stop Counterfeits at the Border with a Customs Program

U.S. Customs Port of Entry Miami

How do you to stop counterfeit goods from entering the U.S. before they fall into the hands of unsuspecting consumers? IP owners should establish best practices and a supportive relationship with US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) so their goods get the attention they deserve at the port of entry. Consider this: In 2018, US Customs officials…

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Going Beyond Takedowns – The Next Step

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Some consumers believe that brand owners only care about keeping counterfeit products out of the marketplace because these “knock-offs” cut into company profits. But that’s only part of the story.  Working in this industry for almost 10 years has taught me that companies invest in efforts to protect their brand for many reasons, not just…

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