The Real-World Value of In-Game Currency

gaming joystick and currency

When it comes to digital goods, Friendly Fraud isn’t the only concern merchants should have. While industry estimates of friendly fraud range as high as 90% of all fraud, the amount of true fraud isn’t miniscule. And in the gaming world, this fraud typically involves in-game currency. What is In-Game Currency? In-game currency is the…

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Gaming Leaks 101: The How and Why

gamer desk

Yoda once said, “Patience you must have, my young padawan.” It is safe to say that gamers in the last 20 years have not listened. These days when a highly anticipated game has been announced, those looking to play it will try to consume any leak they can. Gaming leaks can originate from warehouse workers,…

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Consent Phishing: An Increasing Threat

Security breach graphic

As the pandemic continues to keep many workers home from the office, companies are using cloud services and apps more than ever. This heightened use of virtual tools has led to an increase in certain types of phishing attacks. In particular, we are seeing a rise in consent phishing. What is it? Consent phishing is…

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Social Distance Yourself From Online Coronavirus Scams

Concept of coronavirus

Rapidly changing information about the coronavirus is making all of us anxious to consume as much news as possible. Things can be a bit scary, and it’s worse when you feel like you don’t know what’s going on. However, we must stay vigilant – there are criminals out there who want to capitalize on this…

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Phishing Scams – Don’t Take the Bait

Credit Card phishing concept

Email and internet scams are becoming more widespread and continue to plague individuals and businesses alike. Most scams attempt to trick the recipient into disclosing personal or high-level account information to be used with malicious intent. These are phishing scams. Other scams include clickbait links that download malware onto the user’s computer, allowing the scammer direct…

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Money Laundering 101: Understanding the Basics

Money Laundering concept

Money laundering is an intricate process used to conceal the origin of illegally obtained funds. Through this system, criminals disguise the profits of illicit activities so they appear to be from a legal source. Simply stated, it is the act of integrating “dirty money” into the legitimate financial market so that is becomes a usable…

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The Hidden Costs of Chargebacks

Stack of credit cards

As a society filled with online shoppers, we have grown accustomed to having all our wants and needs available at the click of a button. Over recent years, ecommerce sales have been growing steadily, increasing from 4.2% of overall sales in 2010 to over 10.2% in 2019. However, with this increase in ecommerce sales comes an…

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A Successful Fraud Team Knows How to Answer These Three Questions

Team Discussion at the office

The case for building and maintaining a fraud team is quite simple: each year billions of dollars of products and services are targeted by eCommerce cybercriminals. Without professionals skilled at snuffing out fraud attempts, the financial performance of the company suffers. A mission-focused, well-staffed, and effectively operationalized fraud team is an investment that leads to a bolstered…

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