No Genies Necessary: 3 Wishes a Successful Fraud Team Grants

Genie lamp

My four-year-old daughter is into Shimmer and Shine, a delightful children’s television program about genie sisters named Shimmer and Shine. These genie sisters grant three wishes per day. And occasionally, the sisters need to use their wishes to thwart their archenemy, a sneaky sorceress named Zeta. By the end of the episode, Zeta is put…

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Protect Your Identity Like a Trade Secret

Private and confidential image

Online identity theft continues to plague consumers worldwide. While technology enables greater cooperation and sharing, it also exposes that valuable information to increased risk of theft or abuse. Personal data is constantly proliferating across the digital landscape. As a result, identity theft experiences are on the rise. If you are lucky enough to never have…

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Five Ways to Avoid the Threat of Email Phishing

Phishing Email concept

As businesses move to digital platforms, persistent cyber threats continue to compromise personal information using tactics such as phishing. Phishing is the process of masquerading as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication — typically via email — in a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. A 2017…

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