Navigating COVID-19 Together.

IPS is doing our part to address the COVID-19 pandemic by targeting the scammers that always emerge during times of crisis.

We're committed to the health and safety of our employees, our community, and our customers.

We’re built for remote support and eager to help.

How IPS is Helping

Targeting Counterfeits

Our Brand Protection team is targeting individuals selling suspect counterfeit coronavirus test kits and name brand N95 face masks. Removing these items from the marketplace provides safety from unreliable test results and the spread of the virus.

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Identifying & Removing Scams

Our Fraud and Internet Safety teams are working to identify and remove scam websites that are leveraging fear of the pandemic. The current global situation is perfect for criminals to exploit, but we're here to put a stop to it.

Read more about these scams in our newest blog.
We'd like to thank the healthcare workers putting their health and safety on the line to battle this global virus.
IPS believes in making the world more fair, honest, and safe for consumers and businesses alike.
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