IPS Expands Internationally in Dublin, Ireland

November 30, 2023

IP Services, Inc. (IPS) is excited to announce the launch of our new Dublin-based subsidiary business, IPS Managed Professional Services Limited.

In March 2023, IPS began evaluating the costs and benefits of expanding our footprint into the European Union so that we could provide services that have jurisdictional restrictions related to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since the current work of our Law Enforcement Response (LER) team involves GDPR-protected data, incorporating in Ireland was a logical next step in order for IPS to process certain law enforcement requests.

In November, IPS welcomed several new Ireland-based team members. Our LER managers and senior staff spent a month in Dublin, getting to know the team, sorting out technical and onboarding logistics, and beginning process training. The team is up and running, ready to serve our clients’ needs.

IPS is incredibly excited about this first step of international growth, and we look forward to exploring the new opportunities that this expansion will bring.

About IP Services, Inc.

Founded in 1997, IPS has served and grown strategic partnerships with numerous Fortune 500 companies primarily in the areas of Brand Protection, Fraud Prevention, Privacy & Compliance, and Program Management. IPS works with clients to understand their analytical, operational, and communication needs and then develops, implements, and manages corresponding solutions. IPS believes in making the world more fair, honest, and safe for consumers and businesses alike. To read more, visit our Newsroom.

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