Meet IPS’ Newest Licensed Private Investigator

October 1, 2020

IP Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mike Mello obtained a Pennsylvania Private Investigator (PI) license in September 2020.

Mike joined the ranks of the Investigations team within the Brand Protection department in April of 2017. A few short months later, he was officially signed under Mike Fuller’s PI license. As the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires a minimum of 3 years of experience under the license of a private investigator, Mike was eligible to apply for his PI license this past June. By early July, Mike had gathered all necessary documentation and submitted his official petition packet.

On Friday, September 18th, Mike received official notification of the acceptance of his license petition. It was approved on the first attempt. These petitions are reviewed with a fine-toothed comb and can be rejected for the most seemingly insignificant error or inaccuracy. So, receiving approval on the first try is exceptionally rare.

This represents a pretty big milestone in my career with IPS. I am pretty proud of the fact that everyone on my team is now officially a licensed investigator, and I feel this contributes to making IPS a standout in the industry.
Mike Mello

During Mike’s three years on the Investigations team, he has conducted nearly 2,000 market sample test purchases for several different clients, conducted off-site surveillance and identification of counterfeit goods, coordinated with other IPS teams on multiple client projects, provided support with dozens of tech support scam calls, and processed thousands of pieces of physical and digital evidence.

Mike definitely paid his dues over the last three years and has become an integral part of the Investigations team. Mike’s understanding of complex investigative strategies has caught our clients’ attention as they ask for him by name. His professionalism, cross-team collaboration and client management make him a valuable asset to everyone who works with him. His positive approach and unique sense of humor make him a pleasure to work with too.
Mike Fuller, Investigations Manager

Mike attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He has worked for IPS for nearly seven years.

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