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Brand Protection One Pager

Brand Protection

Brand Protection one pager

Defending your brand starts with a dedicated partner.

We work behind the scenes to enforce your IPR, safeguard your customers, and protect your good name. Our mix of technology utilization and human expertise sets IPS apart from companies that expect a tool to suffice.

Clients receive dedicated staff and licensed investigators to analyze marketplace risks, identify and track targets, conduct test purchases, locate criminals and their enterprises, collaborate with law enforcement and government agencies, and much more.

We make it harder for criminals to profit off of your brand.

Download this one pager to learn more about:

  • Undercover investigations by licensed investigators
  • Law Enforcement support including Criminal Referrals and Civil Litigation
  • How we coordinate with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • Using forensic product analysis to ID counterfeits
  • Enforcement actions that can be used to enforce your IPR
  • Some of the methods we use to prevent fraud

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