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Fraud Prevention One Pager

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention one pager

We protect your customers, business, and brand with adaptive solutions across your entire platform.

Not only does a fraud prevention program protect a customer throughout their e-commerce journey, it also helps to protect a brand’s reputation in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Whether you use a majority of AI and machine learning for fraud detection, you still need a team that can lend their knowledge and analytical skills to tripping up the bad actors exploiting backdoor loopholes and committing ATO fraud. Get the best of both worlds with IPS fraud agents who train ML technologies, use data analysis for continuous improvement, investigate fraud rings, and have the creative capacity to develop new processes and systems to stop fraud before it happens.

Download this one pager to learn more about:

  • Machine Learning + Human Intelligence
  • ATO Fraud
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Transaction Resolution
  • Platform and Services Fraud
  • Internet Investigations and Enforcement
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