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IPS protects your customers, business, and brand.

We’re known for our ability to understand and customize everything we do based on client needs. So throughout the years, we developed specialized areas of expertise that can support entire programs from the administrative side to the boots-on-the-ground work.

When you need support managing programs that revolve around the safety of your customers and the reputation of your brand, IPS knows what to do.

Download this one pager to learn more about:

  • Brand Protection: we help protect our clients’ brands from unauthorized behavior.
  • Fraud Prevention: our agents protect e-commerce clients across all industries from fraudulent activity.
  • Law Enforcement Response: we help you navigate Legal Requests for user information.
  • Internet Investigations: IPS has experienced investigators who will analyze data, capture evidence, and help you build legal cases.
  • Program Management: our staff helps to lessen the burden by taking on the creation of reports, tracking metrics, managing inboxes, and other program duties.
  • Analytics: we help clients manage their custom business solutions with the power of data.

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