Why One Tech Conglomerate Empowered IPS to Reinvent Their Fraud Strategy

Fraud Prevention

Why one tech conglomerate empowered ips

Our journey from reactive fraud practices to the development of a sophisticated fraud intelligence program.

When you’ve been in the game for 20+ years, you get better at predicting the strategy and trajectory of criminal ploys before they’re put into action. And with this knowledge, defenses can be improved and entirely new solutions can be created to stop bad actors from the get-go.

IPS’s fraud team has saved clients millions in fraud losses through the deployment of solutions customized to their specific needs. As fraud evolves, so do our ideas and implementations at stopping it.

It’s interesting to look back and see our growth over the years, and the fact that some defense strategies are still in use today. A large component of our strategy that we see other fraud programs losing sight of is the human intelligence component. We view our boots-on-the-ground fraud agents as the best source of information as to what’s happening in the current fraud landscape, and the best to brainstorm, create, implement, and reevaluate defenses.

Download this article to learn more about:

  • Fraud prevention techniques still in use today
  • Thwarting fraud activity early in the account life cycle
  • Human intelligence and how it still fills a large role in fraud prevention
  • Manual review teams and how they are a valuable resource for creative solutions
  • How IPS has saved clients millions in fraud losses
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