Brand Protection: A Walk-through

Counterfeit watches

You find a high-end watch for sale online and the price is relatively cheap. You must have stumbled upon a super good deal! But did you, really? Most of the time these listings are too good to be true and are more than likely selling knock-offs. Counterfeits cause a slew of problems for both the…

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Counterfeit Auto Parts

counterfeit auto part

Suddenly, the unexpected happens. A driver cuts you off, a deer jumps in front of your car, someone blows through a red light. You slam on the brakes without a second’s hesitation, but too much pressure causes the brake caliper to crack. The brakes fail. You don’t stop in time and serious injury and damage is incurred. What’s…

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A Guide to Counterfeit Pharma Test Purchases

Pill manufacturing

In a previous blog post, we talked about the dangers of purchasing pharmaceuticals on the internet. Our efforts to stop the sale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals typically focus on the online sellers who are, how shall we say, of less-than-reputable character. These are sellers who are not licensed or authorized to disperse pharmaceuticals. And, sellers who…

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Don’t Get Played by Counterfeit Gaming Hardware


With over 600 million console gamers worldwide (and growing!) and a market generating an estimated $34.6 billion in revenue in 2018, console gaming has for years established itself as a lucrative industry. The problem is wherever you find high revenue potential in physical goods, you also find counterfeits. Counterfeiting is nothing new. And we’re all aware of…

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