A Successful Fraud Team Knows How to Answer These Three Questions

Team conference

The case for building and maintaining a fraud team is quite simple: each year billions of dollars of products and services are targeted by eCommerce cybercriminals. Without professionals skilled at snuffing out fraud attempts, the financial performance of the company suffers. A mission-focused, well-staffed, and effectively operationalized fraud team is an investment that leads to a bolstered…

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No Genies Necessary: 3 Wishes a Successful Fraud Team Grants

Genie Lamp

My four-year-old daughter is into Shimmer and Shine, a delightful children’s television program about genie sisters named Shimmer and Shine. These genie sisters grant three wishes per day. And occasionally, the sisters need to use their wishes to thwart their archenemy, a sneaky sorceress named Zeta. By the end of the episode, Zeta is put…

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