5 Fraud Prevention Tips for SMBs

If you’re a small ecommerce business owner looking to expand your fraud prevention footprint, you’re not alone. According to the MRC’s 2023 Global Payments and Fraud Report, small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) doubled their fraud prevention spending from 2022 to 2023. Year-over-year tracking shows that increased spending on fraud prevention correlates to decreased fraud indicators…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Outsourced Fraud Team

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Your online business has a fraud problem. Now what? You have a few options for tackling ecommerce fraud. You could build an in-house fraud prevention team… but those expenses can add up quickly and the onboarding process can take months. You could go fully automated with one of the many off-the-shelf fraud management systems… but…

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5 More Reasons You Need a Human Intelligence Team

If your business has a fraud problem, you could benefit from bringing on an experienced human intelligence team as part of your fraud prevention infrastructure. We talked in a previous post about five ways this could benefit you. Now we’re going to talk about five more. They build their own tools. There are many tools…

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5 Tips for Tackling Subscription Fraud and Abuse

subscription service and subscription fraud

Finding a product you love can be tough in today’s crowded consumer market, but once you find the perfect thing, why not get it again and again? That’s the beauty of the subscription: allowing customers who love your products and services to use them repeatedly in the most convenient way possible. If your business offers…

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Loyalty Program Abuse and Fraud

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It’s a competitive landscape out there in the ecommerce retail world. As more and more businesses focus on online expansion, from established brick-and-mortar stores to new online-only retailers, the options available to customers keeps increasing. This can make it difficult for ecommerce merchants to gain and keep customers. According to the Salesforce Connected Shoppers Report,…

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